Final exam concert succes

Last week I did my final exam and I graduated with a 9! The concert was a great succes thanks to: Patrick Eijdems, Eibe Gerhartl, Marius van den Brink and Sanne Rambags. I got my outfit at Cuplé in Breda. Everything is recorded on films so clips wil be coming soon! New pictures of the event are added to the gallery.



Concert at the park next friday

Next friday, on May 22, I will be playing together with Eibe Gerhartl at the wandelpark in Waalwijk. The park is celebrating it’s 65th anniversary and in honour to that we will be playing that evening starting at 20:00 untill 21:00 PM. There is no entrance fee so hopefully I will see you there!





Final Exam

In only two weeks I will be performing my final exam at de NWE Vorst in Tilburg. If you haven’t made your reservation yet make sure you do for this one of a kind concert! I hope to see you on the 26th of May.




Finally I can share this great new CD with you! The CD called Ahoy is Reinier Sijpkens ultimate collection of beautiful tracks played by his favourite musicians. If you like any style of music, be sure to buy or download this CD! The CD has 30 (!) wonderfull tracks all in a different style. It is such an honour to be part of this musical family and every part of the process was fantastic.

Listen to the preview or download the jazzharp tracks (or all of them!) on iTunes. You can also order the CD by contacting Reinier Sijpkens via



Save the date

On Tuesday the 26th of May of this year I will be doing my Final Exam at 20.30h. It will take place in ‘de NWE Vorst’, a theatre in the city of Tilburg. For directions, look at the concerts page.

It is going to be quite an exciting programme, during which we will play a diverse range of music, all the way from the early ’20’s jazz standards through some new fusion-like material, and brand new ORIGINAL MATERIAL!

But there is more good news: you are all invited! Be sure to come early, there’s no entrance fee. If you want to make sure to have a seat available, contact me in advance, and we will make a reservation.

Posters are coming soon and don’t forget to like my Facebook page!


Beautiful new tracks coming soon!

Together with many great mucisians I have been recording recently at Eric van den Brink’s studio in Hilversum. I already heard some previews of the two tracks recorded with Reinier Sijpkens and Marius van den Brink. So stay tuned!



Track #1!

Here is the first track of the demo we have recorded recently. It is called Prism, and the composer is Keith Jarrett. Feel free to leave a comment or share this with your friends!


New material coming soon!

Recently I have been working on some demo recordings. Together with Eibe Gerhartl (bass)  and Neil van der Drift (drums) we recorded serveral songs in the studio that belongs to the conservatory in Tilburg. Lars Spijkervet did the recording and he will be working on the mixes in the next weeks. So there is some new material coming soon!


New Photos!


Some new photos from the shoot have been added to the gallery page! Also, I am planning on recording a demo with my trio very soon. Stay tuned for further updates and sound samples!