A big harp-family and a little loss

Lucky, lucky me! Not only did I recieve my electric harp but on the same day (this was not planned!) I went to Germany for a chromatic harp. That means I got two harps in one day! This might sound excessive but all of my harps have their very own quality and purpose. The chromatic harp is for my research I am currently working on to find out whether the chromatic harp (that was very popular in the baroque era) can be a solution to chromatic issues within jazz. But this is a whole different topic.

Have you whatched me unpack the biggest box ever? Click this link.

The electric harp is amazing. I could only imagine how it would look like and as soon as one has gotten over the shocking color at first (because it is bright!) one can not help but fall in love with it. The sound was the biggest surprise and the only thing I can say right now about that is that it is even better than I could wish for and it is LOUD 😉


But there is not only good news. On my ninth birthday my parents gave me a puppy. She was a white malthese we called Daisy. She was there for my very first harp performance and still alive and kicking when I played on my electric harp for the first time. That means she has lived for fifteen years! She was a major part of our family and although we are very sad, we are also very happy that she lived a long, healthy and happy life right up to the very end when she decided that it was time to go.