Jazz, pop & blues

At the HMD of Codarts, Rotterdam I received a classical education. When I finished I thought is was time for a change. There was no education for jazz on the harp but with persistence and the cooperation of the conservatory in Tilburg we made it possible. After receiving a lot of musical knowledge from musician’s like Rembrandt Frerichs, Rosetty de Ruiter and Jeroen van Vliet I got my bachelors degree. During my master education I also developed my skills in pop and blues since it was already a big interest of mine. Age kat and Tim Langedijk where a big inspiration for me.

I am proud to be the first harp player in the Netherlands who now has a bachelor and master degree in jazz music. During my education I worked on a big number of various projects with for example rockacadamy students, bigbands and my own jazztrio. Later on I have developed the jazzduo with bass guitar and solo repertoire. After a crowdfund promotion I was able to finally purchase an electric harp. I named him Freddy. Together with Freddy we play at unexpected venues which is very important to me! How much fun is it to hear easy-listening jazz and popmusic together with my own compositions outside the concerthall?!

Teaching & classical music

Apart from playing jazzmusic I also teach jazzmusic. To conservatory students I give masterclasses in subjects like: Improvisation, voice leading and arranging for the harp.

I also teach beginning harp players on different locations. Every style and genre is possible.

In Rotterdam I have had a proper classical education. There I got the opportunity to play with many different orchestra’s.

After my jazz education I picked up the classical repertoire after being convinced by Juliya Belyanevich. Together with Juliya we now have a harp and violin duo. My solo repertoire has had a boost as well.


Carina Backhuijs
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