Jazz Harp Acadamy

It has been a while since I have posted some news because I have been enjoying my new harps and new gear (I think that is a good excuse…;). There are a couple of nice gigs coming up so if you want to see and hear the electric harp don’t forget to check the gig calendar every now and then since more info and gigs are coming up!

Another big announcement I can make is that I will be giving two workshops at this years jazzharp-acadamy! So if you want to learn some very practical jazz basics sign up for one of the courses and I will see you on the 15th of october in TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht. For more info click on THIS LINK.

Since we are working together with other harpfestivals that will take place that very same weekend why not stick around a little longer? There are also combo-tickets available.

Many thanks to Sabine Meijer from the dutch jazzharpfoundation and camac harpen Nederland for supporting me as a jazzharpplayer!




2016 starts out good!

2016 starts good with two things: The first is the succesful crowdfunding campaign which collected more than expected! All €5275,- will be spent directly on the electric harp and I want to thank you all for donating so generously. I also want to thank Laura Douma for making the video and Eibe Gerhartl for making flyers and being supportive in general.

The second exciting thing is that I am now a guest blogger for the Jazzharp Foundation! Click here to read the blog. I hope you will enjoy reading and maybe get to know more about me and my career and education in general.

I wish everyone the best for 2016, may it be filled with jazz!




Thanks to many of you the crowdfundcampaign is already succesful. But you can still donate untill december 31. So if you haven’t already, make sure you do. Even a small amount can make a big difference to me.

You can donate trough this link: https://voordekunst.nl/projecten/3854-carina-backhuijs-jazzharpiste-1

Thanks to the many donations my christmas will be a very merry one and 2016 will have a great start.

Merry christmas to you all and I wish you all a healthy and fun 2016!




Many of you already know I will soon start my crowdfunding project for my electric harp. For those who don’t know yet, this is why I desided to start this scary but also inspiring project: Despite the fact I succesfully completed my study with an electric harp I am stuck. I often play in a band, or any other kind of jazz or pop formation, which works out very well except for one thing: No one can hear me……..I really mean no one…..The audience can’t hear me, my band can’t hear me and to make it slightly worse: I can’t even hear myself and al of this is pretty important since it’s music. You can view it like I am a guitarist, that needs electric AND acoustic right? It is exactly the same for me, different harps are different sounds and in my field of expertise I need both. It will certainly help me to fulfill my dreams and ambitions that are all about being one of the band, playing the festivals and cool TV shows, etcetera.

So how can you help?

It is not possible yet to acually donate money. But for now you can be a good Samaritan by signing up with your e-mail adress on the left, spreading the word, book me for a gig or e-mail me with cool suggestions.